Ruff Rd

Introducing the first Insertable windbrief on the market. If you’ve ever had trouble deciding between shorts or pants in cold weather, RuffRd products are a practical option for you! Our mission is to help others achieve their best by giving them the best. This mission is a goal or a vision. RuffRd and little guy [...]

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Caring For People Services

Caring for People Services® provides in-home, non-medical services for people of all ages, dedicated to helping clients lead dignified, independent lifestyles in the comfort and safety of their own homes. The demand for in home care services has never been greater. An aging population, shorter hospital stays and a general preference for aging at [...]

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Old Spice

We worked with Old Spice and AskMen to create a unique piece of content for the launch of "Dream Runner," a campaign from Old Spice. After working with both brands independently, we produced custom graphics, copy, and guided overall creative direction of a piece of syndicated content that received over 20 million page views. "Like a creepy [...]

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Omaha Beef

The Omaha Beef are the oldest indoor football franchise in the world. We worked with the Beef and managed their entire digital infrastructure: Managed website and completed updates Implemented best-practice SEO Coordinated eblasts and eblast list management Created content for website including game recaps and promotions Created custom graphics Wrote press releases Created content and [...]

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Doe’s & Diva’s Dairy

Doe's & Diva's Dairy is a family-owned dairy farm located about 30 minutes outside of the Omaha/Council Bluffs area in western Iowa at Honey Creek. D&D makes soaps, lotions, cheeses, and balms from goat and sheep milk. The soaps and balms are developed for customers with sensitive skin and the cheeses are award-winning. Here is a summary of [...]

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CAS Associates

CAS Associates, Inc. is a female-owned, Iowa-based outsourcing company operating exclusively in the area of railroad transcription of industrial hearings, grievance meetings, unjust hearings, and administrative services. Here is a summary of our work: Built a new more functional and responsive website Created a customized SEO package and built several landing pages that rank first in [...]

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Joe Horn BBQ Products

Former NFL wide receiver and Hall of Famer Joe Horn has another passion you may not know about. His BBQ sauce is to die for. Offering regular or cajun style, there is a sauce fit for everyone's palate. Also offering his signature sausages and rubs, Joe Horn may be better at dishing than receiving, which [...]

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Ben’s Game Zone

Ben's Game Zone is a family-owned retro themed video game store which also sells movies, collectibles and offers a retro arcade. Logo, signage, website, social media, and marketing materials created for Ben's Game Zone, located near 79th & Harrison streets in Omaha, Nebraska. Social Media Growth Initiatives: Created Twitter account and reclaimed all social media [...]

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Jesuit Academy

Jesuit Academy offers young males of all faiths a quality educational opportunity and  encourages them to claim ownership of their lives and to develop themselves as responsible leaders. LGD has been working with JA since 2013, and we very much enjoy the creativity and excitement that goes along with helping out such a great organization.

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Real Eats

Real Eats creates nutritious, chef-prepared meals to-go as an alternative to fast food. Here is a summary of what we did to develop the brand: Developed and designed logo, branding and multiple taglines Designed all packages and labels Developed full menus and wrote all copy Developed one-sheet summary leave behinds for sales Designed three styles of [...]

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A Million Drops

A Million Drops is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization that raises money for homeless youth in the Los Angeles, California Hollywood area. Going against the thought of "What can I do? I'm only a drop in the bucket." A Million Drops encourages positive thinking in hopes that A Million Drops is more than enough to [...]

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Accent Reduction Trainers

Accent Reduction Trainers is a group of 3 women from Nebraska dedicated to helping people streamline their American experience by reducing the thickness of their accents. Very useful in business and everyday life, being able to be understood more easily can have many benefits. ART helps train individuals through speech therapy to effectively reduce their [...]

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The Grey Plume

Dedicated to a higher standard, The Grey Plume enjoys a minimalistic, clean look across its brand. We maintained this look and feel when we built their website, a combination of two sites in one - a restaurant "portion" (#FoodHumor) and an ecommerce version that includes a store of over 150+ items. We have been working with [...]

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